I love Wondershowzen. Here's 4 entire episodes I found on Google video.

Alien Grrrl is a pretty fun little time wasting game. I just know I'm gonna find that treasure!

Take a pug named Samson, some plastic bowling pins, a can of Pledge and a laser pointer and you've got all the necessary tools to play Pug Bowling

Another trippy animation for your asses. This one's called Big Gulp, perhaps inspired by a Big Gulp filled with Orange Crush.

Da Breakup Song. Just enter the name of the person you'd like to break up with and reasons why you're leaving them and the oh-so-talented Lady Raptastic will belt out a personalized breakup tune for you.

Have you seen those 30 second versions of movies re-enacted by animated bunnies? Well here's the Office Space version.

Here's a music video entitled Cruisin, performed by former Monkee Mike Nesmith. I'm sure you've heard it, it was a huge hit.


Pee-Wiu's Shithouse. You tell me what this is all about, I'm just clueless at this point.

The 10 most ridiculous metal album covers. I have to admit to owning Poison's "Look What The Cat Dragged In" when I was a lad.

Mouse Party shows you the effects of varoius drugs on animated mice. Pretty well made, and educational.

Holy shit it's Arkanoid I remember playing this at The Ground Round a whole lot when I was younger.

Odd Statues 1 and Odd Statues 2. Where the fuck is that Optimus Prime statue because I really need to go pay it a visit.

Hey it's Peekvid. An assload of full length TV shows, cartoons and musice videos, shared illegally. Woah! Banana Splits!

David Cross on Dr. Katz talking about a southern effeminate Jesus.


Completeley random: Man inserts a slice of ham into a CD player. Japanese televison never fails to amuse.

Now, I'm more of a Wendy's guy myself, but this McDonald's billboard is pretty clever.

A super closeup shot of velcro, very cool and also kinda sexy.

This game is trippy, Dragon's breath. Fly around as a dragon and shoot fireballs at shit. I like flying upsidedown.

The five basic patterns in Pac-Man needed to play every level. Computer programs are so predictible.

The Nintendo Entertainment System "Now you're playing with power" Did anyone ever have that damn robot R.O.B?


New Grow game!!!

If you haven't played these games before please check this out.
They're all really fun.(Grow Cube pictured above)


Check out some of these crazy Mashups. Usher vs. Little Green Bag is pretty good.

Some more insane MashUps. I'm starting to get hooked on these things, check out Ludacris vs. NIN.

This is a really cool Flash program which allows you to add your own subtitles to short video clips. Many hilarious possibilities...

This is just pure greatness, a real-life Homer Simpson going on a complete rampage.

A grid of 80s commercial loops controlled by typing various keyboard keys. Very strange, but fun to play with.

Did you know that The Bloodhound Gang created a song using nothing but Ralph Wiggum lines from The Simpsons? Haha "Go banana!"

Here's an interesting cross between The Big Lebowski and Monsters Inc. called The Big Wazowski. It starts offs slow, but believe me it's worth watching.

What the HELL??? If anyone can translate this let me know.

A funny clip from Wonder Showzen where David Cross' dying wish is to read a story to the children.