Thank you Newgrounds for Weed Harmless 3. Very cool flash animations about the pros and cons(well mostly pros) of cannabis use. The PSA spoofs are pretty damn funny.

Man, I sure do love Tom and Jerry. This is a classic short that I could just wacth over and over, it's called "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse." Check it out.

WTF? "Terri had THC in her system..." and then BLAM she decks the bitch.

Insane breakdancer spins on his head, I don't know, about 47,000 times.


Play the Tetris Gameboy edition at home or in your office. Very cool.

What's that Tom? Katie had a baby and you ate the placenta! Disturbing.

Here's an entire Ren and Stimpy episode for your viewing pleasure, and it's a classic. "Stimpy's Fan Club"

Jack White of The White Stripes finally sells out with this Coca-Cola commercial. Cool spot, but why'd ya do it Jack?

A pretty cool flash animation called Homicidal. Very well made, and the music is just so soothing.

Jackie Treehorn presents "Gutterballs" By far the greatest scene from The Big Lebowski.

11 minutes of Bob Ross and his afro doing their thing.


Happy Good Friday. This one's for NDR.

Firefox rules, all other browsers are retarded.

The TV Dinner Factory. Disturbing, yet hilarious.

More Primus for you. This one's Tommy the Cat, one of my all-time favorites. "Say baby do you wanna lay down with me.."

Legion of Dogs
. Legion of Doom vs. Reservoir Dogs. Another IdiotWork classic.

An assload of classic SNL clips from Badtree.


Here's a few super cool Frank Frazetta paintings. He does some really brilliant science fiction/fantasy type of artwork. If you like those I recommend visiting Frank's official site.

Darth Vader vs. Japanese Police. Short, but funny because it points out how weak Vader's punk ass really is.

Chunk's Truffle Shuffle dance. I just love how angry poor Lawrence looks while he's performing.
Apparentley the Truffle Shuffle makes you impervious to bullets as well.

bcdb(big cartoon database) is like an IMDb for cartoons. An interesting resource for retro memories, and searching for obscure animations.

The Easter Bunny Hates You. Fucking hilarious.

After the Fire/Der Kommissar Cheesey 80s music at its finest.


Here's a very interesting musician I just found. Bob Logg III and his music video for "Boob Scotch" Here's another one I found "String on a Stick" He reminds me alot of Beck, I dig it.

Godzilla rapping along to Busta Rhymes' "Woo-Hah" Funny as hell.

Check out some of these 80s commercials in BadTree's nostalgic stuff section.