Pee-Wiu's Shithouse. You tell me what this is all about, I'm just clueless at this point.

The 10 most ridiculous metal album covers. I have to admit to owning Poison's "Look What The Cat Dragged In" when I was a lad.

Mouse Party shows you the effects of varoius drugs on animated mice. Pretty well made, and educational.

Holy shit it's Arkanoid I remember playing this at The Ground Round a whole lot when I was younger.

Odd Statues 1 and Odd Statues 2. Where the fuck is that Optimus Prime statue because I really need to go pay it a visit.

Hey it's Peekvid. An assload of full length TV shows, cartoons and musice videos, shared illegally. Woah! Banana Splits!

David Cross on Dr. Katz talking about a southern effeminate Jesus.


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