What the fuck is going on here? Insane Korean animation about shit of all things, very strange.

Gay He-Man singing 4 Non-Blondes . WTF?

Probably one of the craziest music videos of all time. The Tom-Tom club doing "Genius of Love" This one will get stuck in your head for sure.

Another vid I just love TMBG's "Birdhouse in Your Soul" Reminds me of much simpler times.

Cocaine is bad for you.

I just want BANG BANG BANG. Hilarious flash animation.


Udon is yummy. Much like Ramen, but broader noodles and vaccuum packed fresh so they are still moist when you open them. Great for breakfast.

Some funny quotes from Half Baked. Brian's speech about how he thinks Killer the dog died is a classic.

Some cool 80s commercials found on the X-E website.

WTF is this all about?
I think this lady forgot to take her meds.

This man wants us to believe he has Tourette's Syndrome. I don't know if this is staged or not, but it's funny as hell. My favorite is the one where he calls customer service to complain about his Colgate toothpaste.

Harpoon Lagoon is a fun little timekilling game. Spear some fish, hunt for treasure, save cash, buy better equipment.

An assload of Mitch Hedberg audio and video clips. I especially like his That 70s Show appearance.

The official website of Kamala the Ugandan Giant. Those of you who grew up in the 80s and 90s watching WWF should remember this guy.


There sure are alot of F-Bombs in Scarface. Who knew?

Spiderman reviews a box of Crayola crayons. Utterly ridiculous, but for some reason I read the whole article.

Church of the Subgenius commercial. JR Bob Dobbs is the living slackmaster.

One of the greatest music videos ever made. Denis Leary's "Asshole"

The Monster Engine. An artist recreates some children's artwork in his own style. Very cool.


Some really fat and rather freaky looking felines. Man, that grey one that looks like it's screaming scared the shit out of me.

I don't know if this is really one of the top 30 most famous vids ever made, but I sure like it. It's New Order doing "True Faith." Some pretty twisted imagery, very 80s.

Primus video:Mr. Krinkle. Reminds me of enormous sandwiches for some reason. If you watched the Mr. Krinkle video and liked it, check out the live version of Too Many Puppies.

Office Space meets Superfriends. I never realized TPS stood for "This Place Sucks"

The Towelie soundboard. "That's the melody to Funky Town"

"Ninja Survive" WTF???


"I'm the Juggernaut, bitch!"

The Beatles-Tomorrow Never Knows. Trippy.

I am addicted to Breakit 2. Mad props to Terry Paton, he's made some really fun games and some pretty cool art as well.

Some freaky Polish movie posters, found on RetroCrush. Some of these are so absurd it'd be almost impossible to guess the movie without the captions. Take a look at "Weekend at Bernies" for example.

The very first episode of 12 oz. Mouse. "He's rectangley, that's how you'll know him, by his rectangularness"

A list of some celebrity cannabis users. I am shocked to see Tommy Chong's name listed.

A childish flash animation that makes me laugh. An Ode to Whores.

That DangerDoom ATHF track. w0rd.