Insane Japanese animation about toilet training.

All Your Base Are Belong to Us+ Snakes on a Plane= All Your Snakes Are Belong to Us

A gianormous index of full length cartoon episodes found on YouTube. Wicked awesome.

I really wish this was my fridge, just looking at this makes me thirsty.

Would you want to use this bathroom? Scary and embarassing, sorry I'll opt for a shrub outside.

The Hump is a strange little animation that managed to put me into a mild trance.

A pretty fun little game if you're bored called Roly Poly. The hedgehog is so cute.


Drunk Animals!

Mmmmm I sure could go for a big bowl of Embry-o's right about now.

A great clip from Yo Gabba Gabba featuring Biz Markie, entitled Biz's Beat of the Day

Wonder Showzen is just outrageous, check out this clip where God kills himself after losing at rock, paper, scissors.

Gifdump.com has some really funny and entertaining gifs, check it out.

Some British guy tells his girlfriend to "Get the fuck out!" on live television


Jamie Kennedy's Rollin With Bob Saget music video. Freakin' hilarious.

Man, do I need one of these. A motorized beer cooler you can roll around town on.

Remember Louie from MTV's The State. He's the one that wanted to dip his balls in it.

Getting beat up with a dead chihuahua has to be pretty embarassing, not to mention, like, unsanitary.

Hilary for President in 2008? I don't think so.

Bill Cosby Gangsta Rap. Oh how I have waited for this day.

More Bill Cosby goodness. The Bill Cosby Fun Game.


Humans:The Earth's Parasites. Brilliant animation.

Kill Bill Volume 1 and 2 in 120 seconds. I'm not sure how accurate that death toll is.

An interesting web browsing tool called Swarm. Swarm tracks users via a firefox extension, and maps what websites they are viewing right now. Very cool.

No, I do not want to play Kancho with you.

The 50 worst beers as rated by beer drinkers on ratebeer.com. Can somebody please tell me where I can acquire some Pabst Ice.

This is the greatest song of all time. Manamana as seen on the Muppet show. Lyrics aren't really necessary.

Ever wonder how some US presidents would look in drag? Well here's your chance