Has anybody been reading my Blog lately? I'm starting to think not. I'll just keep on posting any-damn-way.

Here's the original commercial for the Talking Pee-Wee Herman Doll. I just love the cheap Cyndi Lauper knockoff they got for the jingle.

This is how you alert aliens which interweb browser to use, prior to their landing.

The Simpsons Interactive Map of Springfield. Anything Simpsons related I come across is a must-post situation.

Dailymotion.com is a pretty cool video sharing website with users throughout the world.

Rainbowpuke.com Fans of puking rainbows rejoice!

Here's a bunch of classic 80s video games you can play if you're bored.

One of the most sexually suggestive commercials of all time, and it's for a children's game. It's Mr. Bucket mutha fucka.


Yet another brilliant Grow game from Eyezmaze. This one's called grow Nano.

You know those motivational posters you often see in offices, waiting rooms and lobbys? Well here's your chance to create your very own.

The five most obviously drug-feuled TV appearances ever. After watching his 1987 Letterman appearance Crispin Glover is officially my hero.

Here's the top 34 Ralph Wiggum quotes. "My cat's breath smells like cat food" has always been my favorite.

Six very surreal Garfield comic strips that were published in October of 1989. Freaky.


Tango Fruit Shoot is a fun game to waste some time with. Chuck fruit and try to cause as much damage as possible. I really enjoyed blowing up that feul tanker with watermelons.

Homer Simpson is prescribed some medicianl marijuana. "For your eyes, the best tonic is chronic"

Some preview footage from the upcoming Simpsons Movie. This was filmed illegally at The San Diego Comic Con. I can't wait.

"Fuckin' Quintanas, that creep can roll man" "Yeah but he's a pervert dude"

Bob Ross feeding a baby squirrel. It doesn't get much better than this.

Check out these crazy novelty candies. I mean c'mon how can you pass up a cool refreshsing piece of Cat Butt Gum.

More Wonder Showzen goodness. Here's 8 different entire Q&A segments.