Check out this crazy hyperactive human beatbox.

Here's some viloent knitting art (stuffed animals basically) for you to look at.

Microwave Gorilla likes to put things in the microwave. Just look what happens to poor Barbie.

Bas Rutten is badass. Never underestimate a kick to the groin. "BANG BANG BANG!"

This was always my favorite animated short on Sesame Street growing up. It's the 11,12 pinball sequence, sung by the Pointer Sisters.

Loving Bob Ross is easy beacuse he's beautiful.


Disturbing children's book called The Monsters That Tucked Me In

The trailer for the upcoming film Snakes on a Plane I'd pay to see that movie if it was real, just for Samuel L. alone.

A hilarious article from X-E that pays tribute to the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

Take off your T-Shirt if you can't name a song by the band that's on it. "Take off your t-shirt Mr. Misfits, you mistook Glen Danzing for Trent Reznor once you dipshit"