Play the Tetris Gameboy edition at home or in your office. Very cool.

What's that Tom? Katie had a baby and you ate the placenta! Disturbing.

Here's an entire Ren and Stimpy episode for your viewing pleasure, and it's a classic. "Stimpy's Fan Club"

Jack White of The White Stripes finally sells out with this Coca-Cola commercial. Cool spot, but why'd ya do it Jack?

A pretty cool flash animation called Homicidal. Very well made, and the music is just so soothing.

Jackie Treehorn presents "Gutterballs" By far the greatest scene from The Big Lebowski.

11 minutes of Bob Ross and his afro doing their thing.


At 10:47 PM, Blogger Reaper Reborn said...

That is a good scene but my favorite part of The Big Lebowski is when Donnie's ashes blow back onto Jeff Bridges and Walter after throwing them in the wind. It never fails to crack me up. LMAO


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