Here's a few super cool Frank Frazetta paintings. He does some really brilliant science fiction/fantasy type of artwork. If you like those I recommend visiting Frank's official site.

Darth Vader vs. Japanese Police. Short, but funny because it points out how weak Vader's punk ass really is.

Chunk's Truffle Shuffle dance. I just love how angry poor Lawrence looks while he's performing.
Apparentley the Truffle Shuffle makes you impervious to bullets as well.

bcdb(big cartoon database) is like an IMDb for cartoons. An interesting resource for retro memories, and searching for obscure animations.

The Easter Bunny Hates You. Fucking hilarious.

After the Fire/Der Kommissar Cheesey 80s music at its finest.


At 12:28 AM, Blogger Reaper Reborn said...

My favorite section on here!

You really should'nt be so hard on Vader, though. Deep down he's just a burn victim who had his sack distengrated by searing hot black sand. lol

The Easter bunny sure is an asswipe! I guess he's still pissed that Jesus still has a little bit of influence over Easter! LOL


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