Tango Fruit Shoot is a fun game to waste some time with. Chuck fruit and try to cause as much damage as possible. I really enjoyed blowing up that feul tanker with watermelons.

Homer Simpson is prescribed some medicianl marijuana. "For your eyes, the best tonic is chronic"

Some preview footage from the upcoming Simpsons Movie. This was filmed illegally at The San Diego Comic Con. I can't wait.

"Fuckin' Quintanas, that creep can roll man" "Yeah but he's a pervert dude"

Bob Ross feeding a baby squirrel. It doesn't get much better than this.

Check out these crazy novelty candies. I mean c'mon how can you pass up a cool refreshsing piece of Cat Butt Gum.

More Wonder Showzen goodness. Here's 8 different entire Q&A segments.


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